Hello World

Dear World, please welcome my new blog! 🙂 I’ve been planning to start it for a while, I felt like I need a place where I can gather all the stuff that inspires, amuses, amazes or interests me and write about them.

So, why Parallel Universe?

I want this place to be my parallel universe where only good things happen, where I gather only great and inspiring stuff that makes me (and maybe others) happy. Also, if I’m writing this blog, I get to be Miss Parallel Universe, right?

And last but not least, I love the Red Hot Chili Peppers song.

What am I going to write about?

  • I will share my favourite recipes in Food
  • I will write about smaller or bigger Life-hacks that I found quite useful and made my life easier
  • I will have a Health section where I will write mostly about my struggle with insulin resistance (or I should say: victory, I think I’m doing quite well)
  • I will also have a Style section which you’ll find funny if you know me personally, since I’m not the usual fashion/beauty blogger type… but you know, geek girls have style, too, I’m gonna show it to you
  • And there will be a category that I’m gonna call Feel good and it will be about everything that made me happy, from TV shows, books and movies to some personal stuff… I might change the name of the category later, I’m not completely satisfied with it, but I haven’t found a better one yet, so if you have any suggestions, go on and let me know. (The first one was Smile!, Feel good was a suggestion from my friend Szilvi and I like it much better, but I’m still note sure yet.)

Why am I doing this exactly?
I’m doing this mostly because I love to write and can’t keep my mouth keyboard shut. 🙂
I have some stories and thoughts to tell and I also might help some other people, for example with what I have learned about dealing with insulin resistance. I hope to entertain and inspire people, and also to inspire myself a bit. You pay more attention to the good things if you know you have to write about them… because you’ve promised yourself.


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