Things I Love Thursday #1

This is a thing some bloggers do: every Thursday they write a list of what they loved that week, what made them happy, what they feel thankful for. If you start paying attention to these things and commit yourself to writing these lists, you realize there is so much to be happy about. This is something I really need, and the blog is also about staying positive, so it’s kind of a must for me.

Here’s a list for my last 7 days:

  • Starting my new blog 🙂
  • Having so many friends standing by me that I don’t even have enough time to meet all of them
  • Surprise birthday party for my friend Judit
  • This bear I saw, probably waiting for his date


  • Partying hard with my co-workers
  • (positively) Stunning my co-workers with my awesome skeleton top (you might see a photo of it next week in my Style section – and it’s still making me laugh I’m writing about style)
  • Watching the broadcast of Hamlet from the London National Theatre with Benedict Cumberbatch (you can read my ravings about it here)
  • Trying a new place where they have whole grain pasta (which I need because of my insulin resistance diet, not just out of fashion)
  • Working with a cat in my lap (this happens quite often, but I always find it great, so you might see this item in some other TILF lists in the future, too)

The last one cannot be describe as a bullet point in a list, so I’m writing down the whole story: on the way home from the theatre broadcast, some heavy rain caught me and I got soaking wet. People looked at me on the subway rather funny because I was standing there as if I came from the shower, with a sheepish smile on my face (it stayed a while) and I was scribbling down my thoughts in my notebook so I won’t forget them until I can write the post about the show. It was a perfect English way to finish the day with the rain and the tea to warm me up afterwards. I had to capture the moment and the sheepish smile with a selfie, here it is, smile with me:


I’ve been planning to start this blog for a while and I’ve been writing a TILF list for a month, so here’s the rest of the really memorable moments from the last month (next week the list won’t be this long):

  • Spontaneous meeting with some friends
  • Going grocery shopping and picking a fabric softener with my best friend
  • Finding a new kind of sugar-free yoghurt
  • Watching a Queen concert movie in a cinema
  • Healthy hamburger with a bun made of whole wheat13148469_10208075701283152_1447474186_o
  • Meeting friends in our favourite pub
  • Learning how to bake buns
  • Getting rid of a buch of stuff with the guidance of Marie Kondo’s book
  • Inspiring someone to make a funny illustration to a future post about KonMari’s method (Can’t wait to show it until I write the post, here is it, I think it’s great!)


Feel free to share in a comment if you have some things you liked last week, I’d love to know about them.


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