Monday Motivation #2

At first I thought it will be enough motivation for the week that the next weekend is 3 days long. But then it turned out this Saturday might be the official opening of the summer season at the lake.

I have these two great friends who own a small house by a beautiful lake that is near the city. It is a great place for chilling with friends, playing board games, bathing in the lake (that is forbidden, so obviously we never do such an outrageous thing), cooking food on open fire, drinking some beers and having fun or trying to figure out the meaning of life.


We usually go there in the summer because it is the most fun when you can spend the night, too, and you need good weather for that. So if it’s warm enough we’ll go there this weekend for a day or two and then I’m gonna declare this weekend as the offical opening of the summer season. So far it’s quite promising, since the weather forecast says it will be cold and rainy… And they are always wrong. So, fingers crossed!


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