Things I Like Thursday

Here’s the list for the last 7 days:

  • meeting a nice and funny guy on Twitter
  • an English guy telling me my English is better than his (okay, we didn’t talk irl, we just chatted and he read my blog, but still)
  • this interview William Shatner made with Sam Heughan
  • bus ride with my sister (it was less fun but much more intense and helpful than I thought it would be)
  • getting a confirmation from the doctor that I’m heading the right way
  • being able to get rid of a waist pain simply with excercises
  • friends, friends, friends ❤
  • this photo of her majesty Vasquez / Dr Nyomarkay Ottokar at the mirror


I know it’s quite a short list, I’ve just written these thing down during the week when popped into my mind. I’m sure there were a lot more, and I wanted to spend time with completing the list today, but it turned out this won’t be the day when I have energy for this. Next week will be better, I promise! (I have to, this is my place for positive thoughts!)


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