Dinosaur skeleton necklace


Okay, it’s time to show you what I mean by style. I guess it’s quite obvious that I’m really not the fashion blogger type, I don’t follow the trends, and I only have a vague idea of what type of clothes suit me well.
But I like to wear things I find cool, and some people with certaind kind of interests find them cool, too. These are mostly geek stuff, and things related to Star Wars movies. There are some really great ideas and designs, and I love hunting for these things.

Lik this necklace, for example. It looks like the skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus rex, in case you didn’t notice. (When I wear it, most people don’t realize it at first and when they finally do, they usually can’t stop laughing… or saying wow.)

I found it on eBay, and it wasn’t even expensive. 2.5 Canadian dollars is almost nothing for this (literally) timeless piece, right? If you don’t like the silver color, you can get it in black or gold, too.


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