Tuesday Motivation #3

I missed Monday Motivation yesterday because it was a long weekend and Monday was holiday. So this is a special occassion of a Tuesday Motivation.

For this week, my motivation will be a saying I heard a few days ago and I really liked: Continue reading


Things I Love Thursday #1

This is a thing some bloggers do: every Thursday they write a list of what they loved that week, what made them happy, what they feel thankful for. If you start paying attention to these things and commit yourself to writing these lists, you realize there is so much to be happy about. This is something I really need, and the blog is also about staying positive, so it’s kind of a must for me.

Here’s a list for my last 7 days:

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Hamlet – in a cinema in a theatre


Last Sunday I went to a cinema to see a theatre play. Yes, that’s a thing, I’m not crazy. It was a broadcast of Hamlet from the London National Theatre with Benedict Cumberbatch in the title role.

At first I thought it was live, because of what I read on the website of National Theater Live, but the cinema’s site said it was the recording of a live broadcast. Still, we were both mesmerized with my friend who joined me.

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Monday Motivation #1

Each Monday I try to find something to look forward to or to think of when the weekdays are tiring or overwhelming. This can be anything to cheer me up, this week it’s the bus ride with my sister.

Nowadays we rarely get the chance to have the long conversations we used to when we were younger and had more time. But this weekend we visit our Mom to celebrate Mother’s Day, and only the two of us are going so we’ll take the bus and we’ll have two hours just to chat. (My sister’s great in case you didn’t know.)